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Welcome to Ever Green Boxwood Farms

Dating back to 4000 BC Egypt, boxwood has long been the focal point in many formal gardens, sometimes on historic estates. These beautiful ornamentals have certainly earned the title “aristocrat of evergreens”.

We at Ever Green Farms are happy that more and more of you are discovering the beauty boxwood can add to your garden. We hope that you find the information about boxwood on this site helpful as you choose sizes, plant and care for your boxwood. We look forward to providing you with quality plants and exemplary service. Please call us or email with your questions.

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American Boxwood

Our boxwood are personally managed and cared for by Ever Green Farms. We take pride in knowing our customer is satisfied with a quality product that we carefully supervise and handle from order to arrival.

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Boxwood Care & Maintenance

Follow our tips to keep your plant healthy and happy. A healthy, green boxwood looks about as dignified as a plant can be and adds an air of formality and permanence to the landscape.

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